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Board of Finance Cuts Mill Rate to 14.2 Mills

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Eric Warner & Staff Writer


The Board of Finance met to have a public hearing on the town budget. Goshen currently has a proposed revenue budget of $12,236,289, a proposed general fund expenditures request of $12,236,289, and a capital requests total of $1,026,850 for the 2024-2025 fiscal year.

Library Board of Directors Chair, Henrietta Horvay, requested that the board approve the replacement of eight windows in the library. Horvay previously requested the windows to be replaced in 2015 which was accepted but nothing has been done to repair them. In 2015 window repairs were expected to cost $6,000 but now it’s expected to cost $10,000. “We’ve got five windows in there that have been leaking,” said Horvay. “In the meantime, we also have the other windows that have aluminum framing that are all leaking…I wish that the board of finance [would] put money into the building into specific items to get the repairs done.” First Selectman Todd Carusillo suggested making a new line item to address the library’s windows. Eight windows need to be repaired in total. Patrick Reilly suggested they make a deal with the company that will replace windows in the center school to replace windows in the library. Region 20 Superintendent Chris Leone mentioned this in a special board of finance meeting on May 1st. Selectman Scott Olson added that replacing windows for the library will be an example of the town being proactive with protecting its assets.

Carusillo said he sent an invoice to the Woodridge Lake Property Owners Association (WLPOA) for $100,000 but that was negotiated down to $50,000 for sediment projects. “After looking at more receipts, they sent me an email that they believe they only owe around $18,000 and I told Garret [Harlow] that’s unacceptable,” Carusillo reported. “We have to have another meeting.” If funds are received from the Association, they will go into Goshen’s miscellaneous or other revenue. (Note: At a Special Board of Selectmen’s meeting with representatives of WLPOA on February 2nd, the town presented a claim for $48,452.28, not $100,000. It was shown, however, that a $10,000 payment already made by WLPOA had not been credited, reducing the claimed amount accordingly. During follow-up meetings between WLPOA and Town representatives, a number of the invoices contributing to the Town’s claim were invalidated, as they were unrelated to sedimentation work. Another meeting was planned for June 10th to try to reconcile the differences.)


A 2022 project to control sedimentation, improve stormwater drainage and stabilize the road on East Hyerdale Drive is at the heart of the accounting differences between the Town and WLPOA. WLPOA is responsible for only a portion of the sedimentation control component of the project.

Marissa Wright, owner of the local organic produce Wright Farm, suggested the Northwest Conservation District assist Goshen with wetland issues and the town begin budgeting for energy efficient equipment. To help conserve energy, she suggested all town-owned building lights be switched to LEDs. Bob Valentine said they have already switched lights to LEDS at the town hall, fire company, and public works. Wright further suggested the town hold off on paving all roads unless it’s absolutely needed. Alan Walker believes spending $350,000 for road maintenance and pavement is necessary to keep Goshen roads safe. Valentine agreed with Wright that not every road in town needs to be paved. Dirt roads are significantly cheaper to maintain than paved roads. Goshen currently replaces road pavements and conducts chip seals every five years but Valentine believes this could be extended to every seven years.

Valentine heard rumors that two empty spaces in the proposed storage facility will house an older town vehicle and a Hartford Healthcare ambulance. He wants more official information on the proposed storage facility. Carusillo said that in the June town meeting to elect a Region 20 representative, he’ll motion to move 190 Sharon turnpike grant funds to a new public works-located proposed storage facility. However, no needs assessment has been made for public works yet. Carusillo will put an advertisement on the website calling for people to work on a needs assessment panel for public works.

The board then unanimously agreed to add a line item to the budget for library window replacements under town hall maintenance and to change a road mowing line item to weed control under road and bridge maintenance.


The Board of Finance unanimously approved the meeting minutes for April 24th, May 1st, May 8th, and May 15th. They then reviewed and received Tax Collector Rebecca Juchert-Derungs’ April 2024 report. When reviewing financial reports submitted by Debbie Franklin for April 2024, Chairman Allen Walker said that more money needs to be appropriated by the Board of Finance if other boards and commissions overspend their allocated funds. “Can’t just go ahead willy-nilly and spend the money,” said Walker. “They can if they want to, but they may be personally liable if they do.” The financial reports were then unanimously accepted. Patrick Reilly motioned to recess the meeting in order to attend the hybrid annual budget and special town meeting at the Goshen Center School cafeteria. This was unanimously approved.

The Board of Finance returned about an hour later after the town approved the proposed budget. Robert Valentine noted that the town’s Fund Balance is estimated to be about $80,000. The $247,000 from the Region 6 school district will go into the fund balance once it’s received by October. Valentine then suggested the town adopt a 14.2 Mill Rate, “I would be comfortable with 14.2. That puts us right about 18[%] and I think by the time we finish the year, we’ll be more towards 20[%].” He then motioned to set Goshen’s 2024-2025 Mil Rate to 14.2 or 17.96% Fund Balance. This was unanimously approved.