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Board of Selectmen: MIRA Opt-Out, Library Conflict, “Ban”, Human Services, 190 Sharon Tpke (Again), May 29 Town Meeting

Board of Finance: Budget Hearings, “Abuse” Pay, Region 20 Merger, Woodridge Lake Invoices

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Summary 04/23/24 PUBLIC HEARING, MAY 28TH, 7:30 PM TOWN HALL


Inland Wetlands Commission Handles Heavy Activity

Planning & Zoning Commission: Connor Resigns

Board of Selectmen: New Housing Plan Committee, Building Permit Fee Increase, Speed Humps, STEAP Grant Location Change, New ZEO Search
Board of Finance: Valentine Calls for Independent Needs Assessments for Fire Co., Public Works

Inland Wetlands Commission Scrutinizes 411 Milton Construction & Reforestation Details

Board of Selectmen: Book Ban, Call for Volunteers for New Housing Committee, 190 Sharon Turnpike & STEAP Funds, Speed Humps

Inland Wetlands Receives Plans for Remediation & Construction at 411 Milton Road

PZC Public Hearing Draws Comments For & Against Special Permit for Pickleball Club


Board of Finance: Trucks, Trash and Drainage Projects

Board of Selectmen: Town Truck Mishaps, Code of Ethics, Emails in The Goshen News, Special Meeting on Woodridge Lake Sedimentation

Planning & Zoning Commission: Public Hearing on Special Use Permit to Be Held on February 27th

Inland Wetlands Commission

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