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Inland Wetlands Commission Handles Heavy Activity

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411 Milton Road received approval for reforestation and building.
Ed Dutka


Old Business:

A final overview was presented for Fred Erik -Nilsen, 411 Milton Road, by Michael Cegan (Landscape Architect) and Bill Colby (Colby Engineering). Preceding statements in March and April addressed the Inland Wetlands violation, enforcement action, recommended site improvements and a phased construction approach. Cegan briefly summarized that phase 1 (landscape plan) of the project incorporates recommended improvements: reforestation, construction access to staging area, fencing to protect trees, installation of a flexi paver pathway, stabilization of slopes and added plantings. Bill Colby restated and provided details for erosion and sedimentation controls: silt fencing, silt socks, plunge pools, catch basins, rip rap, size of piping, and swales. All concerns of the Commission were addressed with the updated plan. The Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the application.

David Battista, PE, Haley Ward represented the Town of Goshen for proposed work on West Hyerdale Drive for relining of four culvert barrels. He focused on Commissioner Turri’s concerns about protection measures if a breach were to occur (for example a petroleum leak). Battista stated prevention measures: a floating absorbent boom, a dedicated fueling area, temp sanitation, a specific location to store materials, a documented spill response and adhering to all State regulated procedures. The Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the application.

Edmond Meto for Ed & AJ Building and Remodeling, Lot 28, Paxton Court, applied to Construct a dwelling, driveway, well and utilities within a regulated area. Connor made a site visit and noted that there will not be significant activity.  The Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the application.

Michael Leitman, Lot 86, 12 Wynwood Drive submitted a permit to construct a patio and in-ground pool.  The pool based on an updated submission will no longer be built in a regulated area. Silt fencing will be used to protect the lake. The Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the application.

New Business:

Larry Webster for Kevin Budney, 610 North Street applied to relocate the existing pole barn and construct a new accessory building in the area where the existing pole barn is located. It will be built on a flat side of the site with minimal excavation. The commissioners requested a copy of the Wetlands report. They also voted unanimously to accept the application.

Karen Bank, 27 West Hyerdale, Lot 209, applied to remove an eroding concrete dock and replace it with a removable dock that would require 2 precast pillars for attachment purposes. Martin Connor met with builder Howard Noreika to confirm that the concrete dock will be removed by hand. The Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the application.

Written request was received to transfer Inland Wetland Permit 22-11W from Mitchel Alibozack to John & Constance Periera, 86 Hageman Shean Road. The Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the request provided the existing conditions are followed.

Written request was received to transfer and extend Inland Wetland Permit 17-06-02W from Colby Engineering and Construction to Justin Watley, J. W. Tractor Repair, 97 Sharon Turnpike. The Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the permit transfer request and the automatic Covid period extension provided the existing conditions are followed.

Kurt Krotz, 124 Sandy Beach Road applied to excavate and earthwork in the upland regulated area, tear down an existing cottage and construct new four-season home. The Commissioners want to see a soil test for the next meeting. New Enforcement Officer Spenser Musselman assumes research and inspection. The Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the application.

Agent Determinations:

Pete Radzwillas for Richard & MaryEllen Kosturko, 304 East Hyerdale Drive, Lot 517, applied to construct a small addition and replace an existing deck. Connor issued Agent Determination for the project. David Rosaler, 8 Allenby CT Lot 66, applied to construct a new screen porch on piers. Connor issued Agent Determination for the project.

Inland Wetlands Enforcement Officers Report: Connor stated that the bulk of his time was devoted to finishing Lot 6, the first item on the agenda. The Commissioners presented him with a parting gift and voted unanimously to accept his final report.


Connor spoke to the FOIA/Email address issue outlined in an April 23rd, 2024, memorandum from Town Attorney Charles E. Roraback. Concern was expressed that FOIA would allow review of personal records. Findings ensured that only town-related email messages were subject to FOIA.

A Letter was received from Sarah and Mike Leonard asking the town to have Garret Harlow, Public Works and Todd Carusillo, First Selectman resubmit the inland wetlands application for 190 Sharon Turnpike and because it’s a Municipal Building to hold a public hearing. The revised plan was accepted last week at the Planning and Zoning meeting for a smaller building. Connor mentioned that notification was received from the applicant reducing the footprint of the proposed building and stated that we never require a new permit for a smaller footprint. Harlow displayed the new plan to the Commissioners. An Intervener, Marissa Wright, tried to interject but was not allowed. An additional letter was mentioned but will be sent to the Town’s Attorney as the subject matter is under litigation.

Chair Stansfield spoke to correspondence referencing Proposed Legislation that would require training for Inland Wetlands Agency Members and Employees. There is currently no penalty for not taking the training, which is online.

Two Commissioners announced their intentions to resign, Alan Kinsella and Brandy Summerlin.