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Inland Wetlands Commission Scrutinizes 411 Milton Construction & Reforestation Details

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Culverts under West Hyerdale Drive allow the Marshepaug River to pass through towards Woodridge Lake
Ed Dutka

Old Business: 411 Milton Road

Supplementary information for Fred Erik -Nilsen, 411 Milton Road, was presented by Michael Cegan (Landscape Architect) and Bill Colby (Colby Engineering). Preceding statements in March addressed the Inland Wetlands violation and enforcement action.  Wide ranging specifics were currently provided referencing materials and equipment required for the proposed switchback driveway access path. Discussion included the Flexi-Pave pervious path material and its absorption level. This product is reportedly used all over the State and appears to work well.  Plan modifications to the upper review area for reforestation, paths and shoreline were refined to further reduce impact to the steep terrain.   Specifics were provided to enhance erosion control (silt socks, silt fencing, larger pipes, swales, riprap. catch basins). Commissioners expressed concern about the landscaping plan potentially being the last phase of this project. Concern for the lake community and a timetable for project completion are essential. The Commissioners would like to see a phased project approach along with the timetable for completion: What can be completed in phase 1, phase 2, etc. Protection of the environment is a primary concern. Satisfaction that this project will be thoroughly completed must be demonstrated. A CT licensed PE should oversee construction. A bond amount acceptable to the Town’s Attorney will be required. Further review of the modified plan and the commissioner’s new requirements need thought. There was no motion to approve.

New Business:

Garret Harlow, Public Works Supervisor, and David Battista, PE, Haley Ward represented the Town of Goshen for proposed work on West Hyerdale Drive. David discussed the relining of four culvert barrels and the addition of riprap inlet and outlet protection at the point where the Marshepaug River crosses under West Hyerdale Drive. The culverts are eroding (bottoms rotting) and must be relined before collapsing.  They are quite large and must be worked on before they become problematic. Permits must be secured. There are concerns that the flood plan was mishandled by FEMA. This is very complex work; the culverts are “huge”. Surveyors, Wetland Scientists and Contractors must be engaged. Construction, soil erosion and restoration are phases of the plan.  Water management and erosion control are critical. It will take several weeks to complete. Contractors who do this type of work are unique. The Commissioners unanimously voted to accept the application.

Edmond Meto for Ed & AJ Building and Remodeling, Lot 28, Paxton Court, applied to Construct a dwelling, driveway, well and utilities within a regulated area. A portion of the property is in wetlands resulting in the planned home to be a bit narrow. The Commissioners want to see a wetlands report and an erosion control plan. The Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the application.

Kenneth Willard, Lot 75, 88 Dresden Circle, 5-year permit to Construct a dwelling, well and utilities was thought to have expired. However, a lawful clause under Covid benefits this permit. Therefore, the original permit is valid but needs to be transferred to Kenneth Willard. The Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the application provided the same conditions are complied with from the original permit approval.

Michael Leitman, Lot 86, 12 Wynwood Drive submitted a permit to construct a patio and in-ground Pool. Ed Meto, ED & AJ Building and Remodeling who is familiar with this property was in attendance and attempted to speak to the application. The pool build must be 150 feet from the lake and 50 feet from the road. This was not clearly detailed in the view of the pool.  Ed suggested that their pool contractor attend the next meeting. The Commissioners, after viewing the provided plan view requested that it be clarified for the next meeting. They voted unanimously to accept the application.

Inland Wetlands Enforcement Officers Report:

Chair Stansfield, before asking Martin Connor for his update thanked him for his years of outstanding work and said that he would be difficult to replace and that his replacement must have the proper credentials.

Connor mentioned that other than the items on the night’s agenda, he continued to check on all ongoing construction. The Commissioners voted unanimously to accept Connor’s final Inland Wetlands Enforcement Officer Report.


There was mention of a letter for a Scholarship for an Environmental Champion.