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LHS Players Perform their Final Production

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Eric Warner

The Litchfield High School Players performed their final production in the form of Chicago: Teen Edition from Friday March, 13th to Sunday, March 17th. Beginning in 1976 with the performance of Pirates of Penzance, this is the LHS Players’ 49th annual production. The Player’s previously performed at the Litchfield Intermediate School’s auditorium but have begun performing at the Wamago Regional High School starting in 2023 with Mamma Mia! This is the Player’s final production due to Litchfield and Wamago merging into Region 20 in the 2024-2025 school year. Litchfield High School will turn into the Plumb Hill Middle School while the Wamago Regional High School will become the Lakeview High School.

Knowing this will be the Players’ final performance, Director Lindsay Coxhead chose Chicago to give the cast and crew a stellar performance, “... It’s bittersweet because it feels like it’s an end of an era. We’re literally closing the curtain for Litchfield High School, so we had to go big for the last ever Litchfield show.”

LHS Players cast
The LHS Players’ cast and crew of 2024’s Chicago: Teen Edition / Lindsay Coxhead and Nikky Yarrish