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Region 20 Budget Hearing

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Barb Harnett

The Region 20 Budget hearing opened at 7:02 on April 22, 2024, at the Eisenhaure Auditorium of WAMOGO High School in Litchfield.  Board of Education Members Janelle Carroll, Emily Cole , Krista Rizzo  representing Goshen; Bill Davenport, John Morosani, Matthew Terzain  representing Litchfield ; Christine Laurentano, Jennifer Munson,  Andrew  Tita, representing  Morris; Rob DeLayo, Alexandria Papp, Tiffany Parkhouse, representing Warren.

 Superintendent Chris Leoni  offered the  powerpoint presentation, reviewing projected revenue for the ’24-’25 School Year, pending Legislative Funding:  An estimated $5,456,724.00. Estimated Expenses were reduced by $868,798.00 over the ’23-’24 School Year, in combining the two school districts. Salaries of Certified and Classified Personnel will be increased by $1,393,913.00 and Administrative Costs will increase by $84,026.00. Costs were apportioned as follows: Goshen 21.26% ($7,589,820.00), Litchfield 56.14% ($20,041,980.00), Morris, 14.31% ($5,108,670.00) and Warren 8.29% ($2,959,530.00).

An anticipated decline of the student population in each town was addressed.  Various grade levels from each town were compared, showing declining enrollment and the benefits of the merging school districts at this time.