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GRTC Endorses Candidates, Goshenite Barbara Breor to Challenge Maria Horn

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L to R: George Logan, GRTC Chair Tony Demarco, Town Clerk Barbara Breor, Senator Stephen Harding, 1st Selectman Todd Carusillo
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The Goshen Republican Town Committee (GRTC) met on the evening of April 8th to choose candidates for the upcoming races for U. S. Congress, State Senate, and State House. Prior to voting they listened to brief candidates’ statements from Goshen Town Clerk Barbara Breor and two candidates for U. S. Congress, George Logan and Michele Bartelho.

Breor is seeking the nomination for the 64th District House seat currently held by Maria Horn. In addition to her position as Town Clerk, “She continues to hold Leadership positions in the Goshen Fair and Agricultural Society, among other community organizations”, according to GRTC Chair Tony Demarco’s introductory remarks.

Breor expressed her support for small businesses and farmers, opposition to electric vehicle mandates – which she sees as environmentally unsound - and disdain for OSHA enforcement actions against the Goshen Volunteer Fire Company. She was also critical of State Affordable Housing initiatives, stating that “changes need to be made to the state mandate on every municipality to increase their housing stock by 10% with high density affordable housing units… despite the environmental impact to watershed towns and the cities to whom they provide clean water, together with the very limited infrastructure of small towns in our state.” Note: Although 10% deed-restricted affordable housing is a stated goal, implementation is not currently mandated by the State. House Republicans and some Democrats have been effectively blocking sweeping mandates outside the I-95/Metro North Railroad corridor in lower Fairfield County.

Breor also criticized the inefficacy of early voting procedures that took effect this year. Only 9 people in Goshen voted in a full day of early voting in the recent Presidential Preference primary. The last vote was cast at 1:44 PM, yet an entire election team had to remain in place until poll closing at 6 PM. She supports the alternative of no-excuse absentee balloting. Breor was unanimously endorsed.

U. S. Congressional candidates George Logan and Michele Bartelho presented statements reflecting their very different places in the spectrum of contemporary Republican political views.

Logan, a former State Senator, mechanical engineer and water company executive, ran for the same 5th Congressional District seat in 2022, losing by less than 1% to incumbent Jahana Hays. He is now seeking a rematch and is endorsed by senior GOP House leadership, including “Speaker of the House Mike Johnson who personally came to CT a few weeks ago to endorse George and who believes we can flip this seat,” Demarco stated in his introduction.

Logan described himself as a financial conservative, and an opponent of measures he believes have led to higher gas prices, such as the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline project. “We know how important it is to support the US Constitution,” Logan said, “We know how important it is to make sure we don't box parents out of their kids' education. We understand how important it is to secure our borders.” He is also strongly pro-Israel/anti-Hamas and accuses Hays of favoring an unconditional cease-fire in Gaza. "Jahana Hayes recently signed a letter to stop providing weapons to Israel, basically rewarding Hamas for what they've done," Logan said.

Bartelho, a Danbury paralegal whose website includes a reference to her as “MAGA Michele”, espoused several positions unlikely to persuade more moderate CT general election voters. “Democrats and go-along, get-along Republicans hate Western culture”, she said. They “don’t stand up for our Christian values…most of all, God”. She said that education in this country should begin by teaching kids to read the Bible and accused Logan of voting “like a Democrat” when he was in the State Senate. She accused Democrats of forcing “Marxist BLM culture” on the country.

After listening to both candidates, GRTC members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Logan.

The committee also unanimously endorsed incumbent 30th District State Senator Stephen Harding for re-election. Harding currently also serves as Senate Minority Leader.