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Inland Wetlands Approves Municipal Garage Site Plan, Addresses Woodridge Lake Shoreline Projects

Board of Finance: Auditor Finds Town "Really Well Run", Valentine Questions STEAP Grant Process


Board of Selectmen: Lyman Ln/Town Hill Rd Paving, FEMA, Speeding, $500K Grant for Rt. 4 Municipal Storage Building

Board of Finance: FEMA Denial, Paving Projects


Board of Selectmen: Storm Aftermath, White Kia with FL Plates, Drug Take-Back Day, Honeybee Come-Back, FEMA Funds, FOIA Inquiry

PZC: New Home-Building Continues in Goshen


Board of Finance Redistributes Contingency Funds, Obtains Higher Interest Yields on Investments; $500K State Grant Sought for Rt. 4 Municipal Garage


Board of Selectmen: Deluge, Blumenthal Visit, New Emergency Managers, Less Trash, Neighborhood Watch Meeting, Boy Scouts vs. Bears

Board of Finance: Interest Income, Flood Repairs, Future Development


Town Neighborhood Watch Presentation Focuses on Signage and Deterrence

Planning & Zoning Commission Approves Use Change


Board of Selectmen: Reduced Mill Rate, Bears Everywhere, Neighborhood Watch Confusion, Making Hay, Speed-Ticketing Cameras in Goshen

Finance: Tax Collections at 99.71%


Board of Selectmen May Meetings: Land Purchase, North Street Collision, Bears, Break-Ins, Payments, Appointments & Roadside Bananas

May 2

Planning & Zoning Commission to Hold Use Change Public Hearing

Goshen’s Planning and Zoning Commission met on Tuesday, May 23 for their monthly gathering.

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