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PZC Public Hearing Draws Comments For & Against Special Permit for Pickleball Club


Board of Finance: Trucks, Trash and Drainage Projects

Board of Selectmen: Town Truck Mishaps, Code of Ethics, Emails in The Goshen News, Special Meeting on Woodridge Lake Sedimentation

Planning & Zoning Commission: Public Hearing on Special Use Permit to Be Held on February 27th

Inland Wetlands Commission

Planning & Zoning: Commissioners Receive Training


Board of Selectmen: Bantam Bumper, Sandy Beach Prowler, Early Voting, The Future of Trash, Woodridge Sediment

Board of Finance: The Rising Costs of Trash, Cemetery Maintenance, and Camp Counselors

January Inland Wetlands Commission Meeting Summary

Inland Wetlands Commission: December Report

Board of Selectmen: Due Diligence Undertaken, Firehouse Addition Alternative Gains Support

Planning & Zoning Commission: New Chairman Carroll, Training Requirements, Public Comments Added to the Agenda


Board of Finance: Dial-A-Ride Bus, Eligible STEAP Grant Expenditures, Conflicts of Interest


Building Committee’s First Meeting Draws Public Calls to Consider Alternatives


Board of Selectmen: Fog Lights at the Fairgrounds, Blight Ordinance, Caught Going 85 in a 25


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